Hourly booking

When booking the Chauffeur Service, tell us the start, the destination address and the desired time window and determine the destinations you want to travel to. In this way, you remain completely flexible and do not have to plan in advance. In an hourly booking you have 15 kilometers available for each hour booked. More kilometers are of course possible and will be calculated according to our price list.

The right solution

Here are a few examples of when a Chauffeur Service might be the right solution for you:

  • You are in an appointment or meeting and would like a limousine that is waiting for you on site so that you can continue your journey at any time without wasting time.
  • You would like to give your guests an uncomplicated shuttle from A to B at an event, celebration or company dinner.
  • You would like to look at different real estate objects in Berlin and the surrounding area.
  • You would like a mobile companion for your shopping tour or for another appointment who can also help you with your luggage.

Even more reasons

There are many other reasons that make a Chauffeur Service an all-round carefree package for you. For example, you can also book a packed lunch with high-quality snacks as well as hot and cold drinks.

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